Recognises the need for training our clients' staff and runs a series of business courses.

The courses we offer are vast and may include:

      Management skills



     Company law


      General legal updates

      Accounting for the non-accountant

     Technical updates on accounting matters

     Bank finance

      International trade

     Executive development programmes

     Effective report writing

     Secretarial skills

     Business presentations

      Customer care

      Telephone techniques

      Leadership skills

      Team building

      Motivation and Delegation

     Time management


 Training Centre

Our approach to organising such courses is flexible. In fact courses may be as short as half a day to a course running into several weeks. Likewise the course may either be tailor made for a one particular client or a general course open to all interested persons. Seminars / Courses may be held at the clients premises or alternatively at an 'away from it all' conference hall in a charming and welcoming environment which might be more appealing to the client.

As a matter of fact course style, content, site and duration are all flexible and may be structured by arrangement.

All courses are run by professional people, all qualified in their own field, having both the necessary academic background and practical business experience.

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