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Everybody is aware what a hassle it is to chase debtors and what a time consuming task it is. We are here to collect your money in a very effective and efficient way.


Collecting agency rather than a lawyer

A legal letter usually means that although a debtor might in the end pay to avoid legal costs, you often than not end up losing a customer. A collector is trained to act as an intermediary between our client and the debtor. A letter from a collection agency tends to create less friction and is a gentler and more professional way of collecting debts.


The Collection Procedure

All relevant documents such as invoices, statements and all other correspondence is to be forwarded to us. From this moment all communication between you and your debtor must stop as a debtor might feel harassed if more than one person chases the debt.

It depends on you how successful a collection can be. If an account is left unaccounted for a long time and then is passed on to us, the chances of recovery might prove fruitless as the debtor might have changed address, moved to another country or gone into liquidation. If we act fast we can claim our right before others do and this will definitely increase the chance of recovery.


Credit controlling

Under such service we will send statements to your debtors every month and reminders, if necessary even by phone to urge payment when due. If no payment has been received after 90 days past the due date, then our service, if you wish, can be turned into debt collection.




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