Our organization is also offering secretarial services to companies and organizations. This involves typing and binding of documents and reports, sending and receiving faxes, database origination, input of data, mail box and other mail shot services.



HRD Consultancy Services & Co also provides a temping service. This entails employing people on short-term contracts on behalf of clients. HRD will remain the official employer and would be ultimately responsible for the service provided. 

This service is increasing in popularity in Malta. Companies like to bring in people on a short-term basis for temporary staff replacement and for working on short projects. Staff do need to take their holidays or temporarily stop working , sometimes for maternity leave, long honeymoon breaks, and unfortunately occasionally for medical reasons like operations or other medical treatment abroad and many other reasons.

Knowing that such service is available at competitive rates is assuring oneself that it is not the end of the world!. The staff on our list are professional people with years of office experience who are normally married women who had to abandon their full time job because of family exigencies - but who are engaged by us on an off and on basis. There are also a few, who out of their own wish, never wanted a full time job.

Please do contact us so that we can arrange a meeting with you to assess your requirements and can offer you a quote as soon as possible. The earlier (we do not normally like last minute panic station phone calls!) you know of your exact requirements the better we can plan our service.


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